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Ania is the general manager of PAKHUS YOGA – The Yoga Space


Cedric’s “yoga journey” started in 2009. In addition to a daily practice, yoga has become a life philosophy for him, which he applies both inside and outside of teaching.

Cedric’s yoga lessons are aimed at everyone, regardless of level, agility and strength. He places great emphasis on good “body alignment” which means that our body slowly returns to its most optimal position, and that each position is performed in a safe and healing way. Cedric teaches both gentle, slow, strength and more flowy yoga classes.

In addition, it is important for Cedric to create a safe and inclusive space where it feels both safe and good to be yourself, where you can expand your knowledge and feel good about your body, heart and mind. Cedric always emphasizes a larger theme, which can be woven into the positions and taken out into the larger perspective and into one’s own life.

Former PhD and researcher, Cedric has studied, taught, and trained internationally in yoga, meditation, movement, and body therapy. In addition to teaching yoga, Cedric offers education and retreats, as well as life and career coaching with a holistic perspective, which integrates mindfulness, the body and psychotherapy / coaching.

Read more about Cedric at www.heartwiseyoga.com


Dea is very passionate about discovering all the wonderful things the body can do, when we allow ourselves to let go and trust. Through challenging and playful yogaflows that allow you to connect to your breath, she is creating a yoga class where there is space for you to find your movement and dig deeper into your own practice.

Dea has practised yoga since she was 16 and certified as a yoga teacher in Mexico, where she started teaching for the first time. She has now been teaching vinyasa, ashtanga and yin for over 8 years in different yoga studios around the world.

In other words by Dea:
Yoga has taught me so much about myself and my body, and I am so grateful to be able to share the practice with others – connecting to ourselves and creating a safe space in our own body is pure magic!


Kika teaching varies a lot depending on the style.
Her Vinyasa classes are quite strong and flow-y. Soft/slow flow classes are slower, gentler and loving and her Yin + restorative classes allow you to completely drop into stillness and presence with a lot of love and find that special space for you to be!

Kika does also sound therapy as she find it is the ultimate form of being present to help people drop into stillness, away from those distractions, to be able to really feel and process what is.

Kika about yoga:
Yoga for me is one of the most compassionate and beautiful ways to really tune in, to be fully present and create space in my body and mind and allow myself to take a pause in whatever is happening in my life at the specific time to come back to my body, my breath, myself; to feel even the smallest feelings and emotions and move everything out in this marvelous self-exploring and self-expressive moving meditation. It is a time and space where everything becomes clear in the wider context, a time and space where I am free to be unapologetically myself and learn to appreciate and love every aspect of being me, of life, and of others.

Practicing honest self-exploration also means appreciating how on different days our needs differ as well. We need both Yin and Yang, passive and active to stay balanced. Sometimes a vigorous and strong practice is what’s needed to tune into our strength and shake away anything excessive we carry around, whereas at other times what we really need is stillness and softness – staying present and tuning in.
In my teaching I therefore wish to offer a space for both.

I am also a sound therapy practitioner and with my gong baths and sound relaxation sessions I wish to enable you to really slow down to relax and restore your nervous system, allow yourself to take the time to just be and deeply feel whatever is going on.

whatever is going on.


Lauriane is a certified yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and yoga therapist (C-IAYT), with more than a decade of experience teaching public classes, private sessions, and workshops.

As a holistic health and wellness therapist, she cultivates her deep respect and admiration for the female body by guiding women during the different stages of their life, through pre- and post- natal yoga, and yoga to support the wisdom of monthly cycles and inner seasons.

When teaching pre- and post-natal yoga, she aims at creating and holding space for future and new mamas, guiding them through somatic movement, breath, and facilitating regulation and co-regulation, as part of a community of women.

When she is not teaching, she enjoys a dip in the sea, anytime of the year, a run by the water, her own yoga practice, and spending time with her husband and 3 beautiful children.

Lauriane teach in english


Teaching yoga since 2003,
Leah holds a certificate in Kripalu yoga, Prenatal yoga and an advanced teacher certification in Vijnana Yoga.

Leah is the author of Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health: A Whole-Body Approach to Strengthening and Healing (available for purchase soon), she also completed with honors a masters of art in religious studies

Read more about Leah at leahwrobel.weebly.com


Liva’s teaching reflects her musical work, where creativity and dynamism are important elements.Breath, expression and physique are put into play and there is space for enjoying the movement of the body and the silence of the mind. When she practices and teaches, it is also an experience of cohesion that finds its way – connection with herself and with the outside world.

Yoga is an invitation, an experience, a playful dance. Yoga can be challenging but at the same time be your safe home. In Liva’s classes you will always be treated with her beautiful voice singing during Savasana (relaxation)

Liva took Hamsa Yoga Studios 100 hours vinyasa TT in 2013. She studied Musical Accompaniment for dance at the Danish School of Performing Arts and has a BA in rhythmic singing from the Jutland Music Conservatory in Aarhus.


Mary’s classes follow a theme and remind us that yoga is so much more than Asana (shapes we make with the body). Her classes offer a balance of strength building, mobility training, flexibility and rest. Her guidance aims to bring you into awareness of your own aliveness and the beauty and perfection of this very moment.

Mary is a wife, mamma of 2 beautiful boys, artist, yoga teacher, breath guide, art therapist in training and a Canadian. She speaks Italian and Danish fluently though she teaches in her heart language- English.

RYT 200

Master in Teaching

Currently studying: psychotherapy (kunstterapi)


In a yogaclass with Aline you will find a focus on alignment and relaxation. Aline teaches yoga in a gentle way but at the same time has a focus on strength, stability and mindfulness. The breath is a key komponent for her classes as well.

Aline has several yogatrainings
Hatha yoga Teacher training (200 hr) with Yoga Skyros
Anusara Yoga – Strenght and Grace (100 hr) with Barbra Noh
Biomechanics – Yoga meets Science (30 hr) with Jules Mitchell
Postnatal Yoga with Maria Allingham (Yojo)

You will also benefit from her studying to become a physiotherapist

Aline teach hatha, flow and Mommy & Baby classes.


In Simone’s classes, you will be guided securely and with compassion, whether she is leading you through a challenging Hatha pose or a gentle, restorative class.

Simone discovered yoga at a young age, and with 800 hours of teacher training, she brings ease and depth into her classes. She is passionate about the transformative power of the breath, and loves helping her students explore the many benefits of yoga for themselves.

Sub Teachers


Caroline started her yoga journey 15 years ago in Paris where she comes from. She has always been passionate about movement and dance since an early age. Her teaching is based on the breath and alignment.Caroline believes that practicing yoga regularly helps to get to know oneself, getting in contact with what is truly you, by separating your thoughts/emotions from you and therefore, having a greater connection with others, leading you to make wiser choices and live a happy life. Yoga doesn’t stop on your mat, it goes beyond.
Caroline teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga,

Studied with international teachers: Stephanie Viu Kessler, Yogi Trupta, Kino MacGregor, Iain Grysak, and Gemma Vassalo, Tiffany Cruikshank in Yin.



Eva has been working with dance and movement since she was quite young. She started as an elite gymnast in Roskilde when she was 14. Gerlev Idrætshøjskole at the gymnastics department later she attended the Rhythmic Center’s dances and drama line.

Eva is a trained Hatha yoga instructor within Ashaya yoga and has her Restorative yoga training from Hamsa Yoga.
In addition she has studied Intuitive body and movement with Stefana Serafina.

She teaches yoga with alignment but it is the connection between between body, movement, mind and spirit that mostly interest Eva . Yoga as a transformative process. Eva teaches with joy and humor and uses her creativity and long teaching experience to help you discover what yoga can do for you .

Ea is also a trained primary school teacher and has a continuing education from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in rhythmics and movement for children. In addition, she has studied a master’s degree in psychology and development studies at RUC.


Eve teaches dynamic and powerful yoga classes, guiding you with clear alignment cues. Her flows can be challenging but always accessible. The fundamental elements of strength, flexibility and balance will be combined and mindfully integrated in creative sequences and there will always be time and space to turn inward, to observe, to adapt and evolve. During her classes you’ll have the opportunity to explore your body’s and mind’s potential, be playful and have fun.

In Eves role as a teacher she intends to hold space for you:
to slow down
to connect to yourself through conscious movement and breath
to listen to yourself and your body
to build trust in life, in yourself and your body
to cultivate kindness towards yourself and others

Eves loves to connect with others through yoga. She is an enthusiastic teacher and her cheerful approach to life you will meet in her yogaclasses.


Jenný is a 300-hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, architect and a dedicated yogi for many years.
For Jenný, yoga is a lifestyle that has helped her find balance, joy and strength she is passionate about learning from.

In Jenný’s teaching you will experience a holistic yoga practice, with dynamic and creative flow sequences along with inverted postures and balance exercises. Her classes encourage you to look inward as well as explore the deeper layers of yoga and the underlying philosophy. You will experience deep stretches, hands-on assists, meditation and chanting


Kirstine K. 

Kirstine took her first yogaclass over 20 years ago – and she was instantly hooked. Her practice and teachings encompasses everything from strong vinyasa yoga to mellow, sweet yin yoga. Her teaching is alignement based yet always focused on tuning in on that spacious sense of being fully awake. You will find that her classes is always thorough and well-rounded, sometimes challenging but always leaving space and options for you to find your own practice.

Kirstine is cand.psyk and a writer; having written mostly for theatre and tv&film her debut novel came out in 2021.